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Public speaking is a career booster. Here are 13 reasons why

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager or an employee, every professional has to master a couple of specific skills to create impact. A business analyst knows about finances, a community manager connects people and a marketer knows how to target its audience.

Yet some skills have a strikingly large impact in all sorts of jobs. If you master those, you’ll be able to take major steps in your business or career. Such skills become your unfair advantage and your secret weapon.

Powerful public speaking, meaning speaking from your own strengths, is such a skill, because its effect is that you create impact at crucial moments. In this article, we’ll explain the advantages of public speaking skills within different domains.

The 4 advantages of public speaking for entrepreneurs

1. Pitching with success

It’s Monday morning. At 9h45 you have a meeting with a business investor. You could really use that extra financial boost, but everything depends on your persuasiveness. Everything you’re going to say, has to be spot on.

If you can convince that investor with a structured explanation of your brilliant idea, or if you can be very clear about the quality of the product or service you’re offering, then he or she will most likely work with you. Therefore it’s important to tell a clear and fascinating story.

2. Increase your sales opportunities with prospects

It’s Wednesday afternoon and you’re giving a presentation to a potential customer about what you could mean to their company. It’s crucial that you can convincingly explain the added value of your product or service to them. During this sales pitch, it’s absolutely vital that you make a strong impression.

3. To get the most out of a network event

It is Thursday evening. You are invited to a networking event where you’ll get to meet other entrepreneurs. Someone asks about what you do. Now you can tell about your work in an enthusiastic way.

Maybe the person in front of you has a nice assignment for you? Or maybe someone listens to you and puts you in touch with the one who could actually have an impact on your business? If you speak powerfully and convincingly, you will activate the interest of your conversation partner, and the road to new opportunities will be open.

4. Giving a lecture that creates fans

From the moment you book your first entrepreneurial success, you will be asked to speak at various events. Or maybe you organise your own lectures.

Either way, such a lecture is a very effective way to get people excited about your product or service. Provided that you deliver a professional talk, of course. Do you give a weak presentation? Then your reputation will suffer from that. But if you excel with your speaking skills, you’ll create fans who become customers.

The 3 benefits of public speaking for managers

5. To manage your team more effectively

At the weekly meeting you take the lead about what your team has to accomplish in the coming period. If you speak the language of your team, you will be able to clearly state which direction you want them to take.

You will be the one that your employees can rely on. And the trust you’ll get from them, will make it easier to direct your team in the right direction.

6. Making a big impression when presenting to your management

After the current quarter, you must present the results that your team has achieved to your senior management. A good preparation, a convincing presentation and, above all, putting your story into words, ensures that you make a reliable and successful impression at this crucial moment.

Maybe a promotion is just around the corner?

7. Presenting a keynote the whole company remembers

Imagine that your company is organising an event where you, as a manager, are expected to briefly explain what your team is up to and what results you will achieve. Don’t you think it’s best to emphasise your leadership skills with a powerful keynote?

You’ll see: you’ll leave an unforgettable impression that will boost the confidence that people have in you.

The 3 benefits of public speaking for employees

8. More leverage in your team

Whether if it’s during a weekly meeting, during a presentation, or even during a quick talk at the coffee machine… If you can put your ideas into words, and ask for recognition in a pleasant way, or if you can convince your team about a new way of working, then you will increase your influence within the team.

9. Your leadership qualities in the spotlights

Powerful public speaking also ensures that others see a leader in you, giving you a better chance to get promoted.

Do you aim for a management position or another way to take a step forward in your career? Then practicing your public speaking skills is an excellent starting point.

10. Pay raise

Are you achieving good results and do you think you deserve a promotion or a raise? Then you will have to talk to your boss.

If you prepare the interview well, if you structure your arguments and if you use convincing sentence constructions, you will also be able to convince your boss why you deserve a (financial) step forward.

The 3 benefits of powerful speaking in your private life

11. Speeching at events

The benefits of being able to speak in public are not only limited to your working environment, they are beneficial to your private life as well.

If you are asked to tell a story at a wedding, during a farewell, at the annual family celebration or on a trip with friends, you will immediately win the hearts of your audience with a cleverly recited text or a catchy story.

12. More balance in your relationships and family life

Nothing is as important in your personal relationships as communication. Can you listen well, but also express what is important to you? Then you can build rapport with your family members a lot faster and your relationships will run a lot smoother.

13 Organising and social life

Whether you are a football coach, setting up a marathon or organizing a group trip with friends, you will also occasionally have to convince others of your ideas. Whoever speaks vigorously, increases his or her power.

Public speaking: the gift that keeps on giving

It’s clear: whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager or an employee, being able to powerfully speak in front of a group comes in handy both in our work and private lives. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

The good news is that you can learn how to speak in public – and that there’s a lot to win. A structured speech, a convincing conversation or a good presentation make sure that people remember your ideas and praise you for your leadership skills.

If you speak convincingly, then you are taking major steps forward. Moreover, by incorporating a good story in your speech, and telling it with great conviction, you win the heart of your listeners. And then their head follows automatically.

Do you want to get started with your speaking skills? Then check out our free e-book. Or check out our offer of public speaking training courses.

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