Elizabeth Van Den Bergh is the Brussels-based public speaking coach for entrepreneurs, executives and policy makers

Hello! I’m Elizabeth and I turn high performers into effective speakers. My clients gain expert status, authority and influence. I teach self-confidence, structure & storytelling, and stage presence.

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Last modified 04/11/20
Speaking in online meetings: My 21 top tips for more impact

“Speaking on video is like speaking under a magnifying glass.” — Elizabeth When the coronavirus came, online meetings became the new norm. As you’ll have experienced, speaking on video is a bit of a different game from speaking in a live environment. Here are my tips for speaking well in online meetings. Apply these tips […]

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Last modified 04/11/20
My Manifesto for Public Speaking

The following eight shared values for public speaking percolated after much thinking, free writing and re-writing. I consider them the eight essential habits for a great speaker.

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elizabeth van den bergh - speaking with impact Last modified 06/11/20
Speaking with impact: a guide about stage presence

When it comes to speaking with impact, I usually show one of my favourite TED(x) talks. It’s one that you can view again and again.

The crazy thing is: absolutely nothing is said in it.

Play it for a minute; it only last six minutes:

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