The public speaking coach for entrepreneurs, executives and policy makers who seek maximum impact.

Are you ready to discover your natural talents and strengths – and unfold the brilliant speaker within you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I will teach you to speak with influence on stage, and at any other occasion when your speaking matters: meetings, webinars, conversations with clients, job interviews, and many more.
my methodology

What distinguishes me from other speaker coaches? My work covers three areas:

1. confidence

The core. With personal coaching, we create a healthy mindset and self-image as a necessary foundation for technique.

2. content

Learn how to structure information, and use storytelling techniques to capture and hold any audience’s attention.

3. connection

Stage presence. We’ll work on body language and voice technique. No cookie-cutter work, we’ll find your personal speaker style!

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Last modified 07/11/22
In the arena and on the stage is where the magic happens

There’s a speech passage that I love. It was delivered in Paris, on April 23, 1910, at 3 pm in the afternoon on a sunny Saturday at the Sorbonne (one of the most prestigious universities of Europe at the time), by Theodore Roosevelt. The speech is called “Citizenship in a Republic,” but would later become […]

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Last modified 19/10/22
Keynote of missed impact and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you

I recently attended an event with a keynote speech.  And the speaker is a celebrated entrepreneur, great! There were some great one-liners, even greater!  Furthermore… many missed opportunities in the delivery of the keynote. So many people in the room, so many opportunities to blow people away.  And she could have easily done that with […]

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Last modified 08/04/22
Get out of your head

I recently had a session with a client in which he was practicing his speech.The final delivery. We had already worked hard on the story and on the content. In which, to my liking, the content tilted too often and too much toward information, interpretation and explanation. And I kept wanting more story: the people […]

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