Dramatically improve your speaking skills in a close-knit group. Intensive group coaching for women, live and online. Includes personal coaching by Elizabeth.
Are you a female…
⬩CEO or entrepreneur ⬩intrapreneur ⬩independent professional
Who wants to…
⬩multiply her confidence in speaking for groups ⬩master several storytelling and structure techniques ⬩learn a range of effective presenting techniques ⬩practice, practice, practice
So you can…
⬩comfortably pitch, present and train offline and online? ⬩deliver an impactful keynote speech? ⬩speak at a conference for next-level expert status? ⬩be a more inspiring leader?

Then consider the Powerful Presence group program.

Powerful Presence is an intensive program where women become effective speakers in a stimulating group setting. Sessions take place both offline and online – so you get both the convenience of learning from home, and the unforgettable experience of meeting your peers in person and practicing together. Plus, you get personal feedback from Elizabeth.

Program description

Powerful Presence is the best solution for women who have a strong ambition to become better speakers, and feel that the best way to go ahead is to learn in a group setting. The obvious benefit is that you can practice your newly acquired knowledge and insights on the very same day, and for a group of real people.

Together with the group of max. 8 participants, Elizabeth creates a safe and friendly ‘sandbox’ environment in which your are teased out of your comfort zone in the most constructive way possible.

You’ll learn:

⬩to uncover your current mindset about public speaking, paving the way for transformation
⬩how to multiply your self-confidence and create a new, but authentic, self
⬩a range of structure and storytelling techniques
⬩how to gain and retain audience attention
⬩how to effectively use interaction, body language, and delivery techniques for optimal performance
Next editions

This program is currently being upgraded.

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about your coach

Elizabeth Van Den Bergh is an independent international Speaker Coach based in Zemst, close to Brussels, Belgium. She coaches entrepreneurs, top managers and policymakers to speak with more confidence and impact.

Her clients range from multinational companies and the European Parliament, to solo entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses.

She is also the proud Head Speaker Coach at TEDxFlanders, the largest TEDx event in Belgium.

What clients say about this program
Veruit mijn verwachtingen overtroffen
Het programma heeft veruit mijn verwachtingen overtroffen. Ik kreeg hulp niet alleen op vlak van présence maar ook bij inhoud en structuur brengen. Elizabeth is een heel rustig persoon die heel snel to the point kan komen. Ze staat altijd klaar met heel veel praktische tips.

Powerful Presence Program

Celine Tytgadt Abundance Coach
Altijd op mijn gemak waardoor ik veel bijleerde
Je hebt heel veel expertise maar het is niet te theoretisch. Ik ben blij dat we zelf veel mogen oefenen. Ik voelde me altijd op mijn gemak waardoor ik veel heb kunnen bijleren. Heel fijn om dit in groep te doen, je leert ook weer nieuwe mensen kennen.

Powerful Presence Program
Christine Veys Regisseur Kinderopvang, Stad Sint-Niklaas
Heel praktische en concrete tips
Ik heb een aantal heel praktische en concrete tips meegekregen en ook heel opbouwende feedback. De tips pas ik nu al toe en die werken ook echt.

Powerful Presence Program
Tania Pittoors Director, Head of People & Change, KPMG Advisory