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What clients say about Elizabeth Van Den Bergh
Next-level proficiency
Elizabeth is a very pleasant speaker coach, assertive when necessary, yet warm and welcoming. She truly values individuals and their contributions.

Elizabeth exudes a strong and classy presence filled with confidence and this has positively influenced me. As a result I am thinking bigger now and taking bolder steps.

What I liked most was the personal guidance. Going through the creative writing process together was so helpful, I could never have done that by myself.

She truly helped bring my mission to life with the right words.

Now I have my own signature keynote and couldn’t be more proud.

If you work with Elizabeth you can expect a genuine enhancement of your speaker skills to reach next-level proficiency.

Lieve Galle Wild Plant Forager, author "In het Wild geplukt", host: Wilde Wieven Podcast
She gave me clarity on my message and my story
Elizabeth was my speaker coach for my TEDx talk at TEDxKULeuvenBrussel. When I accepted to speak I felt there was so little time and so much to say.

Elizabeth's support and guidance made all the difference. She helped me move forward in the process.

She gave me clarity on my message and my story. Together we found a structure that inspires.

Her tips were amazing, always the right tip at the right time. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.
Gilles Denis Professional Adventurer, TEDx Speaker and Climate Physicist
Her support & tips made all the difference.
Elizabeth was my speaker coach for my first TEDx talk at TEDxKULeuvenBrussel. She is VERY good at what she does! Her support & tips made all the difference.

I loved how she highlighted all the strong points in my content, this gave me a real confidence boost.

Elizabeth helped me include smooth transitions between the different parts. Also, I had no idea there was so much to know about body language, gestures, and facial expressions, I am glad I do now and can keep working on it.

Her approach to rehearsing was gold. She's fantastic at what she does, and I'll definitely contact her again for my next talk! Thank you and keep on working your magic!
Manon Brulard TEDx speaker, Co-founder Slowby & Welcome To My Garden, Maker of Women Don't Cycle - The Film
There is no challenge that Elizabeth won't help you overcome.
I worked with Elizabeth to become a more confident leader and to get promoted and both goals were successfully reached at the end of our collaboration.

What I liked best is Elizabeth's sharpness, the fact that she assessed right away the areas where I need support and improvement, and tailored the sessions accordingly. This directly drove results.

Elizabeth makes you feel very comfortable and creates a safe space for her coachees.

I also liked that she helps you find ways to help yourself and thus creates a sustainable way to grow and develop.

I very much enjoyed how she focuses also on leadership and personal development and doesn't limit herself to public speaking methods, as other coaches do.

If you are considering working with Elizabeth I can tell you there is no challenge that she won't help you overcome.
Anonymous Staff Officer, NATO HQ
I have become a better speaker in ways I didn't know were possible
Elizabeth is truly amazing at her job and she has an incredibly fun vibe. My coaching journey was even more valuable than I expected. Among other things, I learned how to find the essence of what I want to say and how to keep people engaged when I speak.

I can now speak clearly and powerfully. And have the tools to always make my point.

I was in awe of how much value in terms of content Elizabeth provided because my subject (medicine and law, open disclosure) is not her subject. Yet, she gave me the one-liner: "We don't live in a law book, do we!" She can empathize perfectly with any field of work.

The best thing about the program is the interaction with Elizabeth and the swift way she picks up on what you need.

I have become a better speaker in ways I didn't know were possible.
Bénédicte Geniets Anesthesist en Raadslid Orde der Artsen 
She is a bad-ass coach with mad skills
I knew that Elizabeth really understands what I want to achieve and whom I want to reach, and that she is a bad-ass coach with mad skills. When I was asked to give a keynote at an event, I was determined to really take my talk to the next level.

So it was a no-brainer to work with her. Could I have done it on my own? Perhaps, but it would have taken me more time, stress and effort and I would not have achieved the same results.

Working with a coach who you can trust, like Elizabeth, creates an extremely comfortable starting position, which made me step onto the stage on the Big Day without any nerves.

Elizabeth is a pro and very committed as a coach. The audience response to my talk was overwhelming. Thank you Elizabeth!
Anouck Meier Ampersand Online business, courses & launch expert 
I wanted to take my speaking game to the next level
Speaking is a big part of my work and I wanted to take my speaking game to the next level. I engaged in a coaching program to receive clear guidelines on how to speak and be memorable.

The coaching gave me the extra confidence I needed and the tools to speak in a more powerful, lively and concise way. I love Elizabeth's positive nature. 

She is inspiring, hands-on, professional, and authentic and so is her coaching which I highly recommend.

Anne Schintgen Head of Office - United Nations Liaison Office for Children and Armed Conflict - Europe
She guided me perfectly to this important moment.
To deliver my talk 'The Path of Powerful Kindness' at BLU-talks in Harvard, Boston, I was looking for a coach who could help me take my story and delivery to the next level.

Elizabeth knew perfectly how to complement what I needed at any given moment, whether it was content, presence or trivial things like clothes. She guided me perfectly to this important moment.

We were able to switch very quickly each time. A bonus was that she was perfectly in tune with my message. So I knew for sure that my talk would land with the audience and have the desired impact. The talk was fantastic. Thank you Elizabeth!
Barbara Vercruysse CEO & Founder Barbara Vercruysse Empowerment & Kindness Institute
I made rapid progress in my speaking
At the helm of a scale-up, you really need to be able to be there at key moments like team meetings, townhalls, meetings with the board and pitches to investors.

Appearing natural, serene and calm was a challenge for me. A lot of digression and not being sufficiently to the point as well. During the sessions with Elizabeth, I was able to practice very focused on my areas of improvement each time.

Elizabeth could very quickly assess correctly what input I needed and when. Thus, I made rapid progress in my speaking. And that is very valuable for a busy CEO.
Dimitri Oosterlynck CEO, Gimber
She finds the one thing that will bring your performance to the next level
What made the coaching so valuable is that Elizabeth observes closely and shares honestly where attention is needed. So she can find the one thing that will bring your performance to the next level.

The most valuable thing I learned is: a speaker is a leader. Speaking is a way to represent leadership.

I have grown a lot in how I show up and how I present in webinars. I learned to stretch my speaking style in different styles to bring out clarity, build trust and inspire with energy. With the practices, I feel more confident to go with the flow and stay present.
Winnie Yeh World Economic Forum
I've passed her name on to many other entrepreneurs
I started working with Elizabeth to find my voice again. To make my business grow, and it has.

Elizabeth 'rolls with the punches' during the coaching sessions, to use a boxing term. She changes her approach or switches gears when appropriate. I think that's really strong and makes the coaching super valuable.

I have personally grown a lot during the course and discovered that my perceived weaknesses can also be a strength. I have become much more confident and less stressed.

I've already passed her name on to many other entrepreneurs because she really helps you in a customized fashion and that's what an entrepreneur needs.
francesco cilurzo Francesco Cilurzo Managing Partner True North
High-value and time-efficient way of working together
I find working with Elizabeth fantastic. I am very busy and therefore expect a coach at my side who instantly understands me and helps me move forward quickly. That's definitely the case with Elizabeth.

She dances in the moment as it were, and is very good at sensing what I, as a client, need and when I need it. I really appreciate her high-value and time-efficient way of working together.

I wanted an update of my public speaking skills with the goal of getting a message across more powerfully as well as making a better connection with my listeners. You can sense from everything she says that Elizabeth has a tremendous amount of experience. She doesn't give generic tips, her advice is very seasoned.

So I would definitely recommend working with her if you too are a busy professional.
ilse vermeersch Ilse Vermeersch Chief People, Customs4Trade
Very tangible results very soon
Public speaking is an important part of my job and I wanted to get much better at it. I had no expectations of the coaching with Elizabeth when I was presented with the opportunity of one on one speaker coaching.

Working with Elizabeth is relaxed, inspirational, intensive. Excellent atmosphere! I would say I am reconfigured. I was pleasantly surprised she includes the psychological side of public speaking in her work. Very soon, I had very tangible results from the coaching.

Elizabeth works with a well developed methodology. I am glad to say I improved my speaking skills massively. I can now deliver my message in a clear and convincing way.
Jiři Šedivý European Defence Agency
I feel different
Her non-judgmental posture and her willingness to explore people needs and uncertainties over any personal conviction and guidance types really made a difference on me. I have followed 1 on 1 coaching because communication is key for change agents.

She opened new horizons on public speaking mindset and has shared many practical tools for me to reuse at anytime. Thanks to Elizabeth my beliefs are reset, my practices are upgraded while I feel now unlock for any communication ambitions.

Thank you Elizabeth, keep on shining!
Carole Pepe Inoca R&D
With some adjustments she took my pitch to a whole new level
With decades of experience giving presentations, workshops and multi-day training, I was pretty confident I could deliver a decent 10mins pitch. But because it was a strategically important pitch, I decided to ask Elizabeth for feedback. With only a few but crucial adjustments, she has helped me to take my pitch to a whole new level. And I'm incredibly grateful to her for that. Because my optimised pitch already led to dozens of opportunities for my company, including a partnership with accelerator The Birdhouse. I therefore recommend that every entrepreneur who has an important speech or pitch on their agenda, and wants to create more impact, consults Elizabeth.
Lien De Pau Founder, TRAVAK Business School & Zeker Van Haar Zaak
Increased confidence and awareness of my strengths
Very safe environment to learn. I'll remember breathing/pause/don't rush/simplicity. I increased my own confidence and awareness of my own strengths.
Martine Van de Velde Evaluation Consultant
Definitely would recommend
I'll remember to practise, breath and pause during my speech. Definitely would recommend and look forward to a follow-up.
Ayse Sumer Programme and Networks Manager, Cycling Industries Europe
Elizabeth is an amazing coach
The training is a safe environment where no one is judged but accepted and constructively corrected. I'll remember the tips to manage your nerves and to be gentle with the voice inside your head. Everyone regardless of their background and work experience should take a public speaking course. Elizabeth is an amazing coach.
Urszula Sokolowska Policy Advisor, European Parliament
Several tips to calm the nerves
We learned several tips to calm the nerves, structure presentations and delivery recommendations. I'll certainly remember to pause more.
Isabel Leal Commercial Manager, Ingenio Magdalena S.A.
Practical tips and cases that matter
Very interactive and open. Practical tips and cases that matter. Professional and interactive training that gives useful tips.
Katrien Godart Director, Vitalo China
A fantastic palette of insights
All you need to know about public speaking in one day: from confidence to tips and techniques to master your speech. A fantastic palette of insights and practice to become a confident and professional public speaker.
Lauha Fried Policy Director, Cycling Industries Europe
Great coach with high expertise
The theory in the workshop is immediately put into practice. I'll certainly remember the importance of being yourself, and reminding yourself that you are good/excellent. Elizabeth is a great coach with high expertise.
Marie-Cécile Bernard Head of Unit of Planning, Budgetary Management and Contract unit, European Parliament
So powerful! Thank you for a fantastic day!
I liked the quotes and tips & tricks a lot, the interactions with the audience, and the informality of the whole day. Elizabeth is an inspiration on public speaking, body language and confidence. It is about more than public speaking - it's about being aware of ourselves and our thought patterns. Elizabeth, thank you for your authenticity, wholeness, humbleness and presence. You have a lot of experience and still you are able to create space for vulnerability and grow. So powerful! Thank you for a fantastic day!
Gabriela Ripoll Agile Coach
Elizabeth's a natural at making you feel at ease
I liked most the part about empowerment to increase confidence, plus the small motivational and encouraging pieces of advice. Elizabeth is a warm professional with much expertise on the topic. She's a natural at making you feel at ease during the workshop.
els genijn Els Genijn HR Business Partner, Lantmännen Unibake
Realistic ways and small steps towards improvement
I liked most about PSFW the fact that I had a safe place to share my experience and concerns. Elizabeth provides useful tips and realistic ways/small steps towards improvement.
Marig Legoff
Very hands-on and you can immediately put it into practice
The training was very hands-on and you can immediately put it into practice. I'll remember how to craft killer openings and that practice makes perfect. Elizabeth is a warm and open person and an expert in her field. You feel she cares!
An Deroost Leadership & Team Development Expert
What I liked most? I can't choose
Elizabeth delivered a real hands-on training on public speaking. She really gives useful information and feedback. What I liked most? I can't choose, everything was very useful. I'll certainly remember to open strong and to define my intention for my audience.
Céline Tytgadt Abundance Coach
The training is exactly what you would expect from the description
Elizabeth is an excellent, open-minded trainer, who immediately puts you at ease. She's professional, fun, kind and intelligent. The training is exactly what you would expect from the description.
Philippa Nutall-Jones Chief Editor, Foresight DK
A real compagnon de route: caring, professional and strict when needed
I write this testimonial 6 weeks after the TEDx Flanders event, April 3th,2019. Speaking at TEDx was for me one more dream come true. What a present to be given such a stage to spread my idea: If more of us become Dreamers who Do, the world would be a better place. I did not only enjoy the 12’ on stage and the afterglow. Prior to being on stage, I was in the caring and professional hands of Elizabeth and what a treat that was. Elizabeth takes her mission seriously; she is well prepared, organized and professional. TEDx is a format and for me that was both a challenge and an opportunity. It limited my freedom, which was for me sometimes hard to accept and at the same time it forced me to get my message clear in 12’. Elizabeth noticed early on this struggle in me and thanks to her caring attitude she found the way to lead me through the process. The enthusiasm and the deep interest she showed every time we were in contact be it during the coaching sessions or during the numerous interim calls supported me all along the process. What Elizabeth reinforced with me and what I will take along for the future: preparation, preparation, ... and then let go, just do it and be yourself. Content wise: keep it simple, limited number of words and every word that stays has his meaning if not it can go out. Getting a Public Speaking Coaching by Elizabeth gives you a real compagnon de route: caring, professional and strict when needed. I like it that way. Thanks once more, Elizabeth!
Hilde Helsen Author, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach, Engineer, Networker
A lot of positive feedback on my speaking right after the training
I was able to implement many of the ideas and tips and it proved successful. I appreciated the practical approach, receiving feedback and the idea of finding a personal way of speaking in public instead of finding "the" way. What I will no doubt remember: the importance of body language, start with a quote or an idea and come back to it, intonation, different styles of speaking (green...) and enumerating 3 key concepts. In terms of coaching results, I had a number of speaking events during the duration and right after the training and I got quite a lot of positive feedback of those events, which are surely related to putting into practice what I learned from the training. When you work with Elizabeth expect great practical approach to public speaking, individualised constructive feedback and good vibes.
Diego Naranjo European Digital Rights
Expect an interactive, enriching journey through your own strengths and weaknesses
Elizabeth is a lively and positive person. Very responsive to the client individual needs. The interaction with her is energising. I will certainly use the tips and techniques from the sessions and the excellent material. Expect an interactive, enriching journey through your own strengths and weaknesses, helping you enhance your natural capacities. Thank you Elizabeth!
Agnieszka Walter-Drop Director-General, European Parliament
Elizabeth has been an extremely valuable, practical help
Elizabeth responded immediately to my wish to start with practical exercises. She agreed to spend only little time on theory and to work directly on real examples of speeches I had to deliver in the near future. I appreciated her attention to every detail of a speech and her concrete proposals for improvement. Most importantly, she made me conscious of how my speech could be perceived by the audience, by providing honest feedback, always together with concrete tips for improvement, in order to deliver a more convincing speech. I will remember and apply her concern for a well-structured speech. I will also remember her advice on how we unconsciously diminish importance we attach to argument and how we can, on the contrary, attach importance by choosing or omitting the right words. Elizabeth has been an extremely valuable, practical help with public speaking at different occasions.
Anonymous Director at European Parliament
I will be much more confident in my professional interviews
The content of the training was really in line with what my expectations were and provided me with plenty of new knowledge. I really enjoyed the training as it really focused on what my needs were and helped with an approach that was really helpful to my personal needs. I will really apply better timing, pausing and structuring in my conversations as well as better and more careful content in line with my objectives. I truly think that I will be much more confident in my professional interviews and will be able to leave a much better lasting and convincing impression of myself in my interviewers' minds. I absolutely recommend Elizabeth, and would tell my colleagues to expect a very genuine and interesting discussion including challenging exercises on how to truly achieve more from their speaking.
Alberto Natale Strategy Consultant, London Strategic Consulting
Impressed by her professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity, and resourcefulness
Recently I attended the Summer School “Public Speaking”. I was impressed by her professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity, and resourcefulness, she also is an excellent listener making you feel comfortable right away. She analyses your situation and goals and gives you not only inspirational advice but also very targeted and pragmatic solutions and ideas. I have not only found answers in regard to public speaking, I've found my future destination. Therefore I would highly recommend Elizabeth to make her valuable contribution to your life!
Yin Oei CCO TomorrowLab & Living Tomorrow
Outstanding ability to coach and teach speakers
I met Elizabeth van den Bergh during preparation for TEDxFlanders 2019. Elizabeth was introduced to me as coach to prepare for my presentation. My experience with Elizabeth is that she is a person with outstanding ability to coach and teach speakers, make them feel confident and engage in a professional way. She invests all her energy in the subject and transfers her knowledge and skill in a pleasant and friendly manner to make one feel at ease with being coached. Elizabeth has, in my opinion, excellent work ethic and dedicates herself to the improvement of others. She thrives on excellence and her pleasant demeanour makes one grow fond of her as a person instantaneously. She is an excellent coach and comes highly recommended.
Zelda la Grange Nelson Mandela's personal aide for 19 years, author and speaker
Empowering and encouraging in the most positive way possible
I attended Elizabeth’s speaking course as part of a private event. Despite the short workshop, I learned a great number of hacks that I have been using in my daily work since. In addition to the speaking tricks of the trade, Elizabeth had framed all of the exercises in a context that gave a lot of food for thought - especially for women speakers preparing for panels and bigger presentations. Speaking is something very personal, but Elizabeth’s way of advising was definitely empowering and encouraging in the most positive way possible.
Anna-Kaisa Itkonen Spokesperson, Gender Equality Campaigner
Elizabeth lifted my presentation skills to another level
For my TEDxFlanders talk, I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Van Den Bergh from Montis Public Speaking. Not only was the contact very warm, Elizabeth was able to lift my presentation skills to another level. The training made me aware of my blind spots and gave me alternatives. I felt more confident to present to a non-science audience. Now that my talk is done, I feel excited to do it again. Not only did Elizabeth gave me excellent coaching, she provided me with other additional advice on clothing and style. You can watch my videos online to see the progress… 😉 I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to colleagues, companies, … to everyone who want to lift their skills up and become an all-rounder!
Prof. dr. Elke Van Hoof Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and CEO of Center for Resilience
Developed a great structure for a TEDx talk
Elizabeth took lots of time to help me find an angle for my speech and helped develop my ideas into a structure, something I do struggle. The continuous sessions and Elizabeths calm nature allowed me to develop a great structure for a TEDx talk. Thank you so much Elizabeth!
Sarah Ann Macklin Model and Nutritionist
Very detailed and comprehensive training
What I appreciated most was Elizabeth's availability and kindness, plus her professionalism and patience. I'll especially remember how to warm up your body and face, and how to add emotion during the presentation. I can recommend Elizabeth's coaching as a very detailed and comprehensive training on presentation skills, leadership behaviors and PowerPoint delivery.
Elisabetta Renni Sales Manager, Solvay
Theory and practice in combination with real cases and tips and tricks
I very much enjoyed the discussions we had around the subjects, dtructure and lots of tips and tricks. I'll always remember the importance of powerful openings. With Elizabeth, expect great training for public speaking. Theory and practice in combination with real cases and tips and tricks.
Marianne Norrgrann Independent Professional Coach
Adapted to our needs, practical and interactive
Elizabeth was very warm and relatable, worked well with small team. I think a lot was covered in a short time and it was well adapted to the needs of our small team with quite different needs. The training combined practical and emotional/psychological insight cleverly and persuasively. It felt adapted to our needs, practical and interactive. Expect a hands on training from someone who can listen to and adapt to their needs, and has genuine expertise to share.
Antonia Potter-Prentice Director, Alliance 2015
She has transformed how I come across to others
I reached Elizabeth to help me improve my public speaking and leadership skills. Well, that's exactly what she did! In a pretty short amount of time, she has transformed how I come across to others. I already had some experience, but Elizabeth empowered me. She helped me add an excitement and a spark when I'm up there speaking to an audience or even my team, that holds everyone's attention. The most definitive moments of payoff were after Elizabeth worked with me on a tailored program. Her ability to help me find more powerful words, streamline my ideas more effectively, build stories with strong imagery and communicate the final speech in a dynamic style is making an impact on my audiences. And I'm enjoying the compliments afterward.
Alba Halilaj Project Manager, Ritech Group of Companies
Elizabeth upgraded me and gave me the confidence to speak in front of a public
Elizabeth's intense 1-on-1 training provided an end-2-end solution for me: she drastically improved the text of the presentation, gave solid advice on the visuals (use of colors, white space, pictures, font, and figures, number of pages, etc), critically eyed my physical appearance and rehearsed how to use voice, intonation and overall body language. A 360° experience so to say. In her amiable style, Elizabeth upgraded me and gave me the confidence to speak in front of a public. I'll probably always die a little beforehand, but at least now I know how to bring my message across and leave it lingering for a while. Thanks, Elizabeth!
Veerle Seymus Co-founder, QuidProJobs
Elizabeth has proven to me to be a truly dedicated moderator
In preparation of the Climate-KIC Summit in Milan Oct 2017 Elizabeth has proven to me to be a truly dedicated moderator for the session 'A New Urban Food Culture', where I was on the panel. Elizabeth was professionally interested in the subject as well as the person and the story behind the topic. In my opinion this is what is needed to moderate a truly interesting and investigative session, and it shows Elizabeths is skilled in what she does.
Tom Voorma City Agriculture, City of The Hague
Very interesting concepts & tips
The German Marshall Fund of the US hired Elizabeth for a one day intensive training on Innovating Events and Better Speaking. "Elizabeth is great at listening as well as conveying messages in a concise and effective way. She is also really good at highlighting positive aspects during her evaluation (of the participant's speaking exercises) and giving advices without criticising." "Finding out about different confidence building techniques based on different personalities provided me with great insight." "Rich course, well structured." "Very interesting concepts & tips."
The German Marshall Fund of the US
How she uses colors to indicate different speaking styles was extremely helpful
I worked with Elizabeth to improve my overall communication and leadership skills. Elizabeth inspires by her positivity and sense of humor. She rapidly understood the issues that I raised and translated them into skills I needed. She offers quite original frameworks that gave good guidance to the discussion. How she uses colors to indicate different speaking styles was extremely helpful. Elizabeth made me think, made me aware and made sure I practiced the newly acquired skills. I recommend working with Elizabeth for the depth she brings to the topics and her ability to meet your expectation and reach your goals.
Anonymous Director, European Institutions
A well prepared, methodical trainer with a lot of flexibility
The tools and tips ere very useful. And so were the exercises. Learning about different personality types in the audience was one of the most valuable parts in the training for me. A well prepared, methodical trainer with a lot of flexibility!
Jean-Letitia Saldanha Senior Advisor, CIDSE
She will truly challenge you
I worked with Elizabeth for a one-on-one coaching on communication and public speaking. Because there are things about your own communication that you are not aware of. Elizabeth brings solid theory and tips. Her advice was very much measure made. I learned how to be and sound natural in an organised and prepared way. As a result of the coaching I will speak and engage better and I'll be more comfortable. I recommend working with Elizabeth because she will truly challenge you.
Marco Settembri CEO EMENA, Nestlé
An interactive training with lots of good advice to take home
The Powerful Speaking for Women workshop gave lots of opportunity for interaction. I picked up plenty of tips and tricks for a more powerful presentation. It was eye-opening to see how simple sentences can change your message from weak to impactful. This is an interactive training with lots of good advice to take home.
Charlotte Brandsma Foreign Policy Analyst, German Marshall Fund of the US
If you are a professional who maybe needs the extra boost for an important presentation, job interview etc, she's your woman
I attended a public speaking coaching last week, which was organised for women. For anyone living in Belgium and interested in such coaching, I can warmly recommend Montis Public Speaking, which is run by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh. And for the record: I am not getting anything for this recommendation! I found Elizabeth really good and easy to approach. If you are a professional who maybe needs the extra boost for an important presentation, job interview etc, she's your woman! Full article: On the art of speaking out.
Good grace and professionalism in a pressured situation in rehearsals
Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with, engaged and curious. From the first meeting where we discussed the brief and the task at ahead, Elizabeth was fully engaged, curious and asked lots of helpful questions to focus on what was needed. Once Elizabeth was briefed and understood what needed to be done, I felt confident about letting her get on with building a rapport with the speakers and developing the panels for the day. She also showed good grace and professionalism in a pressured situation in rehearsals. Elizabeth’s presenting work was great – calm and thoughtful. Elizabeth was a really crucial part of the events team.
Gina Lovett Acting Director Communications Climate-KIC
Very interesting to test and analyse different presentation styles
I would definitely recommend the training 'Powerful Public Speaking for Women'. It was very interesting to test and analyse different presentation styles. And it is very helpful to have some techniques at hand to manage emotions before and during a presentation.
Ilka Neumann Delivery Manager, NovaComm
Very calm, educative and supportive approac
The fact that the training took into account not only the external work, but also the internal work made it very valuable. Very calm, educative and supportive approach to a topic that makes a lot of people nervous and stressed.
Nikoleta Arnaudova Policy Advisor, Third-I
I feel empowered by the tools and exercises we received
The training (Powerful Public Speaking for Women) was a great opportunity to meet women who share a common goal, to improve and grow. I've learned where my weaknesses are and ways that I can develop myself to grow stronger. I learned that there is a mutually shared reality that all of us are navigating together. I feel empowered by the tools and exercises we received. I will definitely use them to continue my growth.
Amelia Vargas Chief Statistician, NeuroMeditation Institute LLC
I now know how to engage an audience
Thanks to the training I now know how to engage an audience. I have the tools to structure my presentations. The training was full of various tips and tricks. From now on I will also make sure to end my presentation on a strong note. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth for her excellent advice.
Kurt Vandaele Senior Researcher, European Trade Union Institute
Tools to develop a new relationship with my nerves and my emotions
Learning about all the manifestations of self-doubt (apologizing, weak voice, holding back) was a real eye-opener.  The training gave me the tools to develop a new relationship with my nerves and my emotions. The small group size, interactive exercises and the sharing of stories make the day very valuable for me. I am now familiar with the key ingredients for a good public speaking performance.
Iva Petkovic Communications Coordinator, CONCORD Europe
Already after the first session I was able to make big improvements
Thanks to the one-on-one speaking coaching with Elizabeth I learned how to be a better speaker by just changing small things. The sessions were outstanding and already after the first session I was able to make big improvements. How to structure your presentation and the many easy to apply quick wins were the most valuable elements in the training for me. Within two half days I got all the needed tools and information to increase significantly the quality of my public speaking.
Alexander Von Maillot CEO Nestlé Belgilux
Very competent trainer who knows her subject material
Elizabeth is a very competent trainer who knows her subject material and who is able to help with broad challenges as well as specific concerns. I learned that how you say something is as important, if note more important that what you say. I learned that the most important aspect of any public speaking is to have a clear message that can be expressed as both a power phrase or as part of a long speech.
Courtney Gehle Executive Director, The Better Tomorrow Movement; EDD Young Leader 2017
I really appreciated the cordiality
Elizabeth knows exactly what is needed for good public speaking regardless the occasion. The most important thing I learned in the training was how to be precise and be clear on your main points in your presentation. I really appreciated the cordiality of the trainer.
Richard Dzikunu Advocate from Restless Development and Journalist
Showed how even very experienced speakers can make their talks more impactful
The Nestle Public Affairs team hired Elizabeth as a speaker coach for the high profile conference Food4Talk, featuring 4 outstanding speakers. Elizabeth’s task was to align their performance style, timing and messaging to create a coherent conference story. I highly appreciated the simplicity and clarity of her instructions, her sharp eye for details and her approach to the content on all levels. Elizabeth showed how even very experienced speakers can make their talks more impactful. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth because of the very smooth and pleasant guidance she provides and her ability to handle complex clients and projects.
Olivera Medugorac European Affairs Manager, Nestlé
Elizabeth delivered it in a most interesting and hands-on way
Elizabeth run a one day training on Impactful PPTs for consultants at Interel in the end of 2014. Her session was lively, practical with plenty of great illustrations and insightful ideas. the PPT she prepared was a model to use. All participants agreed in saying that Elizabeth delivered it in a most interesting and hands-on way. We'll definitely continue working with Elizabeth on many other training topics.
Lucyna Gutman Grauer Training Consultant, Interel
Super-efficient, well-connected, scarily organised
I worked with Elizabeth on European Development Days in November 2013. My task was to conduct interviews with VIPs - presidents, prime ministers, European commissioners etc. That is usually a hopeless task - especially two days before an event. However, with Elizabeth acting as my producer/fixer we managed to interview everyone we wanted to. She is super-efficient, well-connected, scarily organised and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Gareth Harding Writer, lecturer and media trainer, Clear Europe

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