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The fastest way to turn yourself into a confident and effective speaker. 1-on-1 coaching for men, women and other.
Are you a…
⬩CEO or entrepreneur ⬩intrapreneur ⬩manager ⬩policymaker
Who wants to…
⬩awaken the best speaker within ⬩conscientiously explore their current mindsets, stories and beliefs regarding public speaking ⬩create true personal transformation ⬩master structure, storytelling, and stage performance
So you can…
⬩deliver a high-profile keynote speech? ⬩be referred to as a brilliant public speaker? ⬩win over even the most demanding audiences? ⬩reach your next level as a leader?

Then Private Coaching by Elizabeth is the fastest way to get there.

These intensive 1-on-1 sessions are 100% focused on uncovering what’s in the way of you becoming a truly excellent speaker – and then removing those obstacles and/or giving you the missing insights and tools. It’s a deeply personal and transformational journey that clients frequently describe as life-changing.

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Program description

Private Coaching is designed to unleash public speaking brilliance, through intensive and tailored private coaching by a qualified professional.

If you’re a high performer, but the impact you make on your listeners isn’t as profound or long-lasting as you’d like; if you aren’t asked to do as many speeches as you’d like; or someone in your close network is noticeably better than you at public speaking; then Private Coaching is probably for you.

You’ll learn:

What you need to learn. Private Coaching is 100% tailored to your individual needs.

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Private Coaching is available by appointment.

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Let us explore in a conversation whether private coaching is for you.

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about your speaker coach

Elizabeth Van Den Bergh is an independent international Speaker Coach based in Zemst, close to Brussels, Belgium. She coaches entrepreneurs, top managers and policymakers to speak with more confidence and impact.

Her clients range from multinational companies and the European Parliament, to solo entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses.

She is also the proud Head Speaker Coach at TEDxFlanders, the largest TEDx event in Belgium.

What clients say about private speaker coaching
Very tangible results very soon
Public speaking is an important part of my job and I wanted to get much better at it. I had no expectations of the coaching with Elizabeth when I was presented with the opportunity of one on one speaker coaching. Working with Elizabeth is relaxed, inspirational, intensive. Excellent atmosphere! I would say I am reconfigured. I was pleasantly surprised she includes the psychological side of public speaking in her work. Very soon, I had very tangible results from the coaching. Elizabeth works with a well developed methodology. I am glad to say I improved my speaking skills massively. I can now deliver my message in a clear and convincing way.
Jiři Šedivý European Defense Agency
I feel different
Her non-judgmental posture and her willingness to explore people needs and uncertainties over any personal conviction and guidance types really made a difference on me. I have followed 1 on 1 coaching because communication is key for change agents. She opened new horizons on public speaking mindset and has shared many practical tools for me to reuse at anytime. Thanks to Elizabeth my beliefs are reset, my practices are upgraded while I feel now unlock for any communication ambitions. Thank you Elizabeth, keep on shining!
Carole Pepe Inoca R&D
With some adjustments she took my pitch to a whole new level
With decades of experience giving presentations, workshops and multi-day training, I was pretty confident I could deliver a decent 10mins pitch. But because it was a strategically important pitch, I decided to ask Elizabeth for feedback. With only a few but crucial adjustments, she has helped me to take my pitch to a whole new level. And I’m incredibly grateful to her for that. Because my optimised pitch already led to dozens of opportunities for my company, including a partnership with accelerator The Birdhouse. I therefore recommend that every entrepreneur who has an important speech or pitch on their agenda, and wants to create more impact, consults Elizabeth.
Lien De Pau Founder, TRAVAK Business School & Zeker Van Haar Zaak