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The fastest way to turn yourself into a confident and effective speaker. 1-on-1 coaching for men, women and other.
Are you a…
⬩CEO or entrepreneur ⬩intrapreneur ⬩manager ⬩policymaker
Who wants to…
⬩awaken the best speaker within ⬩conscientiously explore their current mindsets, stories and beliefs regarding public speaking ⬩create true personal transformation ⬩master structure, storytelling, and stage performance
So you can…
⬩deliver a high-profile keynote speech? ⬩be referred to as a brilliant public speaker? ⬩win over even the most demanding audiences? ⬩reach your next level as a leader?

Then Private Coaching by Elizabeth is the fastest way to get there.

These intensive 1-on-1 sessions are 100% focused on uncovering what’s in the way of you becoming a truly excellent speaker – and then removing those obstacles and/or giving you the missing insights and tools. It’s a deeply personal and transformational journey that clients frequently describe as life-changing.

Curious if private coaching is the right fit?

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Program description

Private Coaching is designed to unleash public speaking brilliance, through intensive and tailored private coaching by a qualified professional.

If you’re a high performer, but the impact you make on your listeners isn’t as profound or long-lasting as you’d like; if you aren’t asked to do as many speeches as you’d like; or someone in your close network is noticeably better than you at public speaking; then Private Coaching is probably for you.

You’ll learn:

What you need to learn. Private Coaching is 100% tailored to your individual needs.

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Private Coaching is available by appointment.

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Let us explore in a conversation whether private coaching is for you.

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about your speaker coach

Elizabeth Van Den Bergh is an independent international Speaker Coach based in Zemst, close to Brussels, Belgium. She coaches entrepreneurs, top managers and policymakers to speak with more confidence and impact.

Her clients range from multinational companies and the European Parliament, to solo entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses.

She is also the proud Head Speaker Coach at TEDxFlanders, the largest TEDx event in Belgium.

What clients say about private speaker coaching
She gave me clarity on my message and my story
Elizabeth was my speaker coach for my TEDx talk at TEDxKULeuvenBrussel. When I accepted to speak I felt there was so little time and so much to say.

Elizabeth’s support and guidance made all the difference. She helped me move forward in the process.

She gave me clarity on my message and my story. Together we found a structure that inspires.

Her tips were amazing, always the right tip at the right time. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.
Gilles Denis Professional Adventurer, TEDx Speaker and Climate Physicist
Her support & tips made all the difference.
Elizabeth was my speaker coach for my first TEDx talk at TEDxKULeuvenBrussel. She is VERY good at what she does! Her support & tips made all the difference.

I loved how she highlighted all the strong points in my content, this gave me a real confidence boost.

Elizabeth helped me include smooth transitions between the different parts. Also, I had no idea there was so much to know about body language, gestures, and facial expressions, I am glad I do now and can keep working on it.

Her approach to rehearsing was gold. She’s fantastic at what she does, and I’ll definitely contact her again for my next talk! Thank you and keep on working your magic!
Manon Brulard TEDx speaker, Co-founder Slowby & Welcome To My Garden, Maker of Women Don’t Cycle – The Film
There is no challenge that Elizabeth won’t help you overcome.
I worked with Elizabeth to become a more confident leader and to get promoted and both goals were successfully reached at the end of our collaboration.

What I liked best is Elizabeth’s sharpness, the fact that she assessed right away the areas where I need support and improvement, and tailored the sessions accordingly. This directly drove results.

Elizabeth makes you feel very comfortable and creates a safe space for her coachees.

I also liked that she helps you find ways to help yourself and thus creates a sustainable way to grow and develop.

I very much enjoyed how she focuses also on leadership and personal development and doesn’t limit herself to public speaking methods, as other coaches do.

If you are considering working with Elizabeth I can tell you there is no challenge that she won’t help you overcome.
Anonymous Staff Officer, NATO HQ