Last modified 08/01/21

[The University Podcast] Aristide Giramahoro interviews Elizabeth on becoming a confident & impactful speaker

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

I met Daphne Wens, one of the initiators of the new podcast The University, through my online programme OutLoud. I was impressed by the quality of her podcast and was happy to be a guest and be interviewed by her colleague Aristide.

In this episode you will hear tips about speaking with impact, but also about ‘bragging better’. I also talk about managing a business with my husband while we run a household with two children. Really interesting, even if I say so myself 😊

If you want to discover some of my best public speaking tips and get to know me a bit better as a person – this is perfect!

Here are the main topics we’ve touched upon:

  • How I got started / 03:30
  • Being a freelancer vs being an entrepreneur / 09:00
  • On running a business with my husband / 13:35
  • What is public speaking? / 22:15
  • Tips on public speaking / 26:15
  • Online program: OutLoud / 38:05
  • On learning how to brag better / 41:10
  • Curious Jules / 49:45

Hit play below to listen, or look for the episode in your Spotify app. Enjoy!