Last modified 28/08/18

Speaker Coach Food4Talk Conference – Celebration Nestlé 150 years

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

Nestlé event

Challenge: coaching four experienced speakers to more impactful presentations and bringing forward the red thread between their stories.

The occasion was the Food4Talk Conference celebrating 150 years of Nestlé with Eve Turow, Independent Consultant on Millennial Marketing, Peter Bakker, president van de World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Guy Poppy, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency and Carolyn Steel, Architect and Food Urbanist.

Four high level speakers were invited to bring presentations on sustainable food, each from their own angle. My task was to coach the four speakers and to bring a logical flow between the different presentations. Connecting the separate presentations to one single story line. I also coached the speakers on the delivery of their presentation.


I conducted individual coachings face-to face and over Skype and guided the onsite rehearsals.

Both the speakers and the audience appreciated this approach that made the separate presentations more memorable.