Last modified 28/08/18

Public Speaking and Media Training for Young Leaders @ European Development Days 2017

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

The European Development Days invite young people from around the world to join the debate about development policy and international cooperation.

16 Young Leaders aged 21 – 26 have been selected to share a panel with world leaders, talk about their experiences, present their ideas, and help shape the future of global development.

Montis trained the Young Leaders of the European Development Days on how to become better at public speaking, at making them confident on sharing their message during high level panels and with journalists.

Here’s what participants appreciated most of the training and trainer:

  • The level of cordiality
  • How patient Elizabeth was, addressing each of our specific concerns in detail.
  • The examples on how to politely and affirmatively deliver a message
  • How she was able to help me cut down long and unnecessary wordings from my initial draft.
  • Right before EDD heads off we got to structure our speech and plan how to make an impact through our speech. That’s something we all needed the most! Also, a complete day for perfecting our speech was truly appreciable!
  • The structure of preparation of speech
  • The interactive sessions, where we gave feedbacks to each other
  • The practical part that helped us structure our speech