Last modified 21/08/14

“Just do it”, and the French saying that tells you why

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

Just do it! We know this phrase as the slogan from a famous sportswear brand.

But I want to take the words away from the brand for a moment and apply them to us. Just do it is about doing something for the first time, about getting out of your comfort zone.  Just doing it is the only way to bring about a change.

Doing it is enjoying it

And let’s not forget ‘l’appétit vient en mangeant.’ It is by doing it that you will enjoy it, not by thinking of doing it.

These thoughts helped me start my own business. I jumped and started swimming a few months ago. Even if the whole picture is not clear yet when you start, it will become clear once you start moving forward. The same goes for the subsequent steps to take.

I don’t know yet where my business will be in two years from now but I have a plan and I am confronting that plan with reality. My advice is ‘start before you are ready’.

(photo: Eratic Eric)