Last modified 27/05/14

Hold on to today’s obvious, it will save you time later

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

How had we done that again? What was that solution again? If these questions sound familiar, keep on reading.

It is tricky to remember the small solutions or the small problems that occur. You need to write them down.

Seize the moment

It is important to learn from the project when you are still working on it. Insight: You will never know all the details as well as when you are in the middle of the project. This is about the little things that make you lose time.

Write down what you learn during the execution of your project and what seems super obvious at the moment itself. Believe me, you will totally have forgotten about it, a week after closure of the project.

For example this new online tool that you learned to work with, at some point you always got stuck. And every time you find the solution, but it takes you time. Take note of how it is solved.


An issue can be:

  • a request for change: a formal request to change an approved (baseline) product or aspect of the project
  • an off-specification: a discrepancy between a product or aspect of the project from their planned description
  • problem/question: any other event that impacts the project

Issue log

Keep an issue log during the project. The purpose of an issue log is to capture and maintain information on all of the issues, their analysis and status. The issue log is the living memory of your project.

After your first issue log, you will notice how much time it saves you in the next project.

Photo: Denise Krebs