Last modified 03/10/14

A case study on how strategic storytelling is valuable for sustainable development

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

Stories help us learn, inspire us, unite us and make us take action. Storytelling really is the most powerful tool for communicating.

Intrigued by the value of storytelling, I took things a step further and wrote a paper entitled: Strategy through storytelling; a strengthened identity for the Rupelstreek.

I did this in the context of the PM4SD, Project Management for Sustainable Development methodology. A method I am certified in.

PM4SD™ recognises the need to build solid and efficient practices in Project Management in order to guarantee a continuous improvement approach to the discipline aimed at guaranteeing ever more successful outcomes for projects and more specifically for their continuous sustainability.”

In this paper the story of the Rupelstreek, called regional narrative, is judged against the three dimensions (socio-cultural, economic and environmental) of sustainable development.

Via the story of clay, water and landscape the province of Antwerp wants to strengthen the identity of the Rupelstreek and does so successfully.

A beautiful fact in the story of this regional narrative is that initially there was no intention to create a story. The regional narrative took off spontaneously and quickly became a key aspect in the strategic project.

For all the ins and outs you can read the full paper (20 pages) here or check the ppt presentation here.


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The paper will be published in the publishing series of the University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute:

The book of proceedings will be available as an online publication with ISBN and ISSN numbers.