Last modified 28/08/18

Training Sessions on speaking, managing press and moderating with EU Panel Watch

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

I proudly and happily partnered with EU Panel Watch for a series of three training sessions.

We are both tired about all-white, all-male panels.  So it was only logical we would join forces.

We aimed to train Brussels practitioners to deliver better presentations and organise more diverse debates. 

 The sessions were:

Powerful Public Speaking for Women – 16 Jan 2018

“The workshop gave lots of opportunity for interaction. I picked up plenty of tips and tricks for a more powerful presentation. It was eye-opening to see how simple sentences can change your message from weak to impactful. This is an interactive training with lots of good advice to take home.” – Charlotte Brandsma – The Brussels Binder

Impactful panel interventions and managing press – 15 Feb 2018

“A short and insightful training on media-relations from a non-mainstream perspective – definitely recommended! It was also nice to learn in an appreciative, open-minded and respectful environment.” – Roxane Roth – Women Refugee Route

How to make events great again – 13 March 2018

“The workshop enabled me to think more creatively about different formats for events. To think about the audience as an active / crucial part of the event / discussion. It was a hands on, to-the-point workshop.” – Olivia Mertens – Save the Children

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