ilse vermeersch
Last modified 01/12/22

Ilse Vermeersch

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh
High-value and time-efficient way of working together
I find working with Elizabeth fantastic. I am very busy and therefore expect a coach at my side who instantly understands me and helps me move forward quickly. That's definitely the case with Elizabeth.

She dances in the moment as it were, and is very good at sensing what I, as a client, need and when I need it. I really appreciate her high-value and time-efficient way of working together.

I wanted an update of my public speaking skills with the goal of getting a message across more powerfully as well as making a better connection with my listeners. You can sense from everything she says that Elizabeth has a tremendous amount of experience. She doesn't give generic tips, her advice is very seasoned.

So I would definitely recommend working with her if you too are a busy professional.