Last modified 15/11/21

Hilde Helsen

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh
A real compagnon de route: caring, professional and strict when needed
I write this testimonial 6 weeks after the TEDx Flanders event, April 3th,2019. Speaking at TEDx was for me one more dream come true. What a present to be given such a stage to spread my idea: If more of us become Dreamers who Do, the world would be a better place. I did not only enjoy the 12’ on stage and the afterglow. Prior to being on stage, I was in the caring and professional hands of Elizabeth and what a treat that was. Elizabeth takes her mission seriously; she is well prepared, organized and professional. TEDx is a format and for me that was both a challenge and an opportunity. It limited my freedom, which was for me sometimes hard to accept and at the same time it forced me to get my message clear in 12’. Elizabeth noticed early on this struggle in me and thanks to her caring attitude she found the way to lead me through the process. The enthusiasm and the deep interest she showed every time we were in contact be it during the coaching sessions or during the numerous interim calls supported me all along the process. What Elizabeth reinforced with me and what I will take along for the future: preparation, preparation, ... and then let go, just do it and be yourself. Content wise: keep it simple, limited number of words and every word that stays has his meaning if not it can go out. Getting a Public Speaking Coaching by Elizabeth gives you a real compagnon de route: caring, professional and strict when needed. I like it that way. Thanks once more, Elizabeth!