Last modified 15/11/21

Diego Naranjo

by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh
A lot of positive feedback on my speaking right after the training
I was able to implement many of the ideas and tips and it proved successful. I appreciated the practical approach, receiving feedback and the idea of finding a personal way of speaking in public instead of finding "the" way. What I will no doubt remember: the importance of body language, start with a quote or an idea and come back to it, intonation, different styles of speaking (green...) and enumerating 3 key concepts. In terms of coaching results, I had a number of speaking events during the duration and right after the training and I got quite a lot of positive feedback of those events, which are surely related to putting into practice what I learned from the training. When you work with Elizabeth expect great practical approach to public speaking, individualised constructive feedback and good vibes.